How to Make a Book Report

There are various procedures you can follow to create your book report. there are different types of effective methods in presenting necessary information for your book report. The most essential parts of the book report are the plot summary, character analyses, and theme interpretation. You can learn a lot by writing a book report and you can practice writing about your own opinion about the different elements of the story. The tone of the author play’s an important role in the flow of the story and your job in writing a book report is to convey the essential elements through your writing. Remember to keep your writing interesting and easy to understand. In writing a book report, these are the essential elements that you need to include

  • The kind of book report you are making
  • The book title
  • The name of the author
  • The setting of the story, including the time and location
  • Brief character descriptions with their names and specific roles in the story
  • Sample quotations or passages from the book to support your points and statements

Make a conducive and understandable plot summary
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Making a plot summary is not as simple as retelling it. You need to explain and expound on the certain elements of the story that makes it unique or interesting. You must write about the plot in a way that captures its essence. You can give your opinion or analysis about certain parts of the story by providing examples or event in the story that are relevant to your idea or the thought that you are trying to present

Present a Character Analysis

A character analysis is an important component of the book report. In this segment, you must provide character names, descriptions, and roles. By doing so, you are able to understand the motivations behind the actions of the characters. You are also extracting the personalities of the characters and how it impacts the plot of the book story. According to in writing a character analysis, there are a bunch of relatively easy but relevant questions that can guide you. You can:

  • Describe the physical traits and appearance of the character and what kind of impression he imbibes.
  • Analyze the negative and positive aspects of that the character possesses.
  • Observe the character’s weakness, strengths, inspirations and motivations.
  • Explain how the character evolves and changes with the plot.
  • Express your inner reflections or inference about the character traits.

Dissect the Theme of the book

Another essential element of a book report is a theme analysis of the book. By knowing the theme of a book, you can easily pick up the moral and the essence of the story. The theme dictates the flow of the plot and it is necessary to show to the reader what kind of theme is imbued in the story. Getting the theme is not as easy as it sounds. To get the theme right, you must read and understand the book. The theme can only be revealed by knowing the bigger picture of the relationship of the plot and its characters. It can be indirectly shown or presented through the events, dialogue and setting of the story. You must provide your personal touch to the book report by writing about your reflections and opinions about the theme. Your interpretation of the theme is always personal but you must maintain a strong stand so that your book report will be conducive, informative, and effective.

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